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No matter which phase of life we are in, there are challenges, changes and chances. Each of us wants to live with happiness and be a whole person, not a person in conflict. Psychosynthesis helps us learn more about who we are, work skillfully to integrate our life experiences and develop connection with our Soul – that guiding principal of who we are meant to be. Psychosynthesis is about growing into wholeness and then bearing fruit, much as an apple seed grows into an apple tree that then produces more apples. In psychosynthesis guidance and mentoring I provide techniques and practices for you to use in integrating body, emotions and mind. You learn to identify parts of self – your subpersonalities, and marshal and expand your own resources of loving kindness, personal will and creative imagination. We start where you are, and go on from there.

Personal consulting

In the course of life’s journey we sometimes come to places where the going is rough, or the way not clear to us. We wish for consultation with someone who has been this way and knows both the scenic views and the perils. As a psychotherapist I have guided many in therapy and have helped them confront and overcome past and current obstacles to living the life they choose. As a personal consultant I offer you ways to reflect on your current situation, to understand the effects of the past on you, and to learn how to achieve the desires of your heart using your own strengths and capacities.

Spiritual guidance

Seeking for spiritual meaning, for connection with the “God of your understanding”? The intent of spiritual guidance, also called spiritual direction, is to nurture your growth in your relationship with the Holy. Together we hold in prayerful focus your spiritual life and connection with the Divine. We attend to how God/Mystery/Holy One, is moving within your life and within your relationships with others. You bring your hopes, dreams, longings for connection with God, perhaps your anger, disappointment, or delight. I bring my desire to nurture your spiritual life and relationship with God, my guidance from Spirit, and my prayer for you. We talk about how you connect with the Holy, how you experience the Spirit’s guidance in your life, and how I can best support you in your God-connection. Our time together may include silence, prayer, tears, laughter, spiritual imagery or reflection topics. We may focus on a reading or we may choose to work with visual images to examine more closely some particular aspect of your relationship with the Divine. Whatever we choose to do in a session, we allow Spirit to guide us.